Quote of the Week

Each week I'll share with you one of my favourite quotes from my most loved fictional characters.

2 APRIL 2012
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.
The opening line to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice

26 MARCH 2012
Christ promised resurrection of the dead - I just thought he has something a little different in mind
Hershel in The Walking Dead season two finale

19 MARCH 2012
Chief: Do you even know the Miranda rights?
Jenko: Yeah.. look, it obviously starts with you have the right to remain silent... you have the right to remain an attorney
Chief: Did you just say "you have the right to be an attorney"?
Schmidt: You do have the right to be an attorney if you want to
21 Jump Street (2012). The most awesome movie of 2012.

12 MARCH 2012
The wheel is still spinning, but the hamster is dead
Sonny in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012)

5 MARCH 2012
That's what growing up is - becoming who you want to be
Gary in The Muppets (2012)

27 FEBRUARY 2012
Frasier: Look, frankly, I wish you'd start seeing someone about this bug phobia of yours.
Niles: It's not a phobia. I have a healthy fear of natural predators. It's us versus them and, frankly, I'm starting to wonder just whose side you're on. 
From Frasier series seven, Momma Mia. I'm working my way through the complete Frasier box set and I'm hooked!

20 FEBRUARY 2012
I wonder how many people's lives are ruined by a moments indiscretion? The wrong word at the wrong time - and then finish to all their dreams. They have to go on living with their tongues bitten a second too late. No use calling back the spoken word. What's said is said.  
I love this opener to Daphne Du Maurier's short story Indiscretion - it really sets up the mood of the piece. You can find it The Rendezvous collection.

13 FEBRUARY 2012
I'm too blessed to be stressed
Harley in Treme series two.

6 FEBRUARY  2012
We were all feeling seedy, and we were getting quite nervous about it. Harris said that he felt such extraordinary fits of giddiness come over him at times, that he hardly knew what he were doing; and then George said the he had fits of giddiness too, and hardly knew what he were doing. With me it was my liver that was out of order. I knew it was my liver that was out of order, because I had just been reading a patent liver-pill circular, in which were detailed various symptoms by which a man could tell when his liver was out of order. I had them all. 
From chapter one of Jerome K Jerome's Three Men in a Boat - a hilarious tale about three hypochondriacs who decide to go on a jaunt up the Thames.

30 JANUARY 2012
Millament: Ah, I'll never marry, unless I am first made sure of my will and pleasure.
Mirabell: Would you have 'em both before marriage, or will you be contented with the first now, and stay for the other till after grace?
Such begins a witty repartee between male and female leads, Mirabell and Millament, about their conditions of marriage in William Congreve's restoration play The Way of the World.

23 JANUARY 2012
In the land of Green Ginger there is a town called Marmalade, which is inhabited exclusively by guinea-pigs.
One of the sweetest opening lines in literature, this marks the beginning of Beatrix Potter's longer book for older children The Fairy Caravan

16 JANUARY 2012
I will destroy you. All of you.
Nucky Thompson in Boardwalk Empire series two.

19 DECEMBER 2011
I've been lectured to a great deal today by men who speak boldy and do nothing.
Margret Schroeder in Boardwalk Empire series one.

12 DECEMBER 2011
My devourings at first were crude, orgiastic, unfocused, piggy - a mouthful of Faulkner was a mouthful of Flaubert as far as I was concerned - though I soon began to notice subtle differences. I noticed first that each book had a different flavor - sweet, bitter, sour, bittersweet rancid, salty, tart. I also noticed that each flavor - and, as time passed by and my senses grew more acute, the flavor of each page, each sentence, and finally, each word - brought with it an array of images, representations in the mind of things I knew nothing about from my very limited experiences in the so-called real world...
Firmin describes his first experiences of reading in Philip Pullman's Firmin - beautiful book about a very intelligent, but lonely, rat.

Now for the hitch in Jane's character..... The reel of silk has run smoothly enough so far; but I always knew there would come a knot and a puzzle: here it is. Now for vexation, and exasperation, and endless trouble! By God! I long to exert a fraction of Samson's strength, and break the entanglement like tow!
Rochester struggles against Jane's strength of character and her attempt to leave Thornfield in chapter 27 of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

28 NOVEMBER 2011
And the ashes blew towards us with the salt wind from the sea.
The second Mrs de Winter leaves us with this last line in Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca.

21 NOVEMBER 2011
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.
Spoken from Dumbledore to Harry in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by J.K. Rowling.